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A crystal with specific metaphysical properties will attract you according to your needs; crystals will choose you as much as you choose them. Each crystal has a unique vibration rate, giving it positive energy. These vibrations can be used to help eliminate negative energy and restore proper balance, leading to a better overall physical, mental and spiritual well-being.

Angel Aura

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Angel Aura


Beautiful angel aura quartz crystal is carefully hand wrapped and secured in brown deerskin leather lace.  The crystal measures approximately 1.85 inches in height, and .75 inches in width. The leather measures approximately 20 (40 total) inches in length.  I've attached 4 silver plated beads for stability, style, and adjustability. 

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Angel aura has been treated with vaporized platinum, silver and other trace metals to give it the angelic shimmering colors of gossamer angel wings. It is a stone of high spiritual energy. It helps protect, balance, and bring energy to the aura. In addition it has been said to assist in raising Kundalini energy in a more gentle manner.

• Invites Angel Guidance
• Helps channel higher knowledge
• Reach deeper meditative states
• Assists in gaining insight into your spiritual mission
• Balance the chakra systems
• Helps find proper course of action
• Brings peace and tranquility